Complex Trade Machine Manufacturing and Assembly Ltd. (Gépgyártó és Szerelő Kft.) was established as a family business in 1994.

The main activity has not changed since then; its profile included a wide range of tasks back then and it has been extended several times to this date:

- repair, installation and renewal of machines and machine groups;

- based on the drawing documentation, modernization and manufacturing of special machines, spare parts, and equipment units;

- during the existence, the scope of activities included the manufacturing of metal structures and storages, as well as general metal processing;

- relying on our mechanical designers, we undertake to design special machines and machine parts according to our customers’ needs

So that the more complex works should not pose any difficulties, the company has developed close working relationship with the entrepreneurs of other professions, while, of course, Complex Trade has assumed and assumes responsibility as a main contractor. Based on the experience of the initial years, the company has significantly participated in the Michelin investments in Nyíregyháza between 1997 and 2000; the company has renewed and re-installed various machines for agricultural tire manufacturing (building machines, vulcanizing machines) several times. Later we have successfully participated in the passenger car tire investment; installed and modified passenger car tire building machines and relocated a complete weaving plant from Italy to Nyíregyháza.


In order to meet the growing needs of our customers, the company has established a quality management system and gained ISO 9001:2001 certificate by the end of 2003. It has introduced the ISO 14001 environmental management system in 2013 to satisfy the clients’ requirements for quality and environment, and the regulations for the protection of our environment. Due to this, and the compliance with the deadlines and excellent quality, Complex Trade Kft is the ideal partner for you, too.